Sunday 18 April 2021
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A message from Spencer Beattie, the County Master of the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast. We are living in unprecedented times. Coronavirus has changed so many things, how we live; how we meet; how we work; how we socialise.

We in the Orange Institution haven’t been exempt from change. Many of our members have been involved in the tremendous community response to combat the virus; we have supported the NHS; and we have stayed at home. We cancelled all our traditional parades for July to avoid large gatherings to stop the spread of the bug.

We are slowly emerging out of lockdown, but the threat from Covid-19 remains. So it’s important we continue to obey the regulations and practice social distancing.

Tonight would have been the annual United Districts parade from Belfast Orange Hall, Clifton Street, popularly referred to as the Tour of the North. Our members, bands and supporters will miss the music and banners, but we all know cancelling the parade was the right thing to do to protect all the citizens of Northern Ireland. We look forward to next year when we can again celebrate in traditional fashion and parade the streets of our City, until then we hope you enjoy this video which contains some pictures of the Lodges and bands, who have taken part in this parade over recent years, accompanied by a soundtrack of our bands at their best.

Remember this year it’s about the battle with the bug.

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