Sunday 18 April 2021
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A message from Spencer Beattie, the County Master of the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast. Sadly, but necessarily many of our annual parades have been cancelled because of Coronavirus. The annual Whiterock parade, as it is commonly known, is no exception.  The parade, which is organised by No.9 District LOL West Belfast, has a special place in the hearts of the communities of the Greater Shankill. The parade traditionally weaves it way around the streets of the Shankill Road then through the Woodvale area and on to the Springfield Road up to Whiterock Orange Hall, then returning to West Belfast Orange Hall via the West Circular Road.

The parade attracts large numbers of spectators, the very reason it has been cancelled, as Covid-19 is highly contagious and can spread through large crowds. It is important that we all comply with the medically informed regulations in place. 

The Whiterock parade has sadly faced intolerance over the years, indeed this year is the 50th Anniversary of several Orangemen and Protestants being murdered across Belfast by republican gunmen following a premeditated attack on the parade.

Next year we look forward to the annual Whiterock parade returning to our streets, until then we hope you enjoy this video which contains pictures of members and bands who have taken part in this parade over the years, accompanied by a soundtrack of our bands at their best.

Remember this year It’s about the Battle with the Bug.


  1. William Matchett

    That is indeed a Great bit of news for us people overseas. The Orange Order has again shown itself well up to date with modern technology in these challenging times.
    Very Well done, and I look forward to watching the virtual 12th Parades.
    I live in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia


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