Sunday 18 April 2021
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‘It’s About the Battle with the Bug’

The County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast today launched their Belfast Orangefest campaign which encourages everyone to have an enjoyable, but different Twelfth this year. The recognisable slogan ‘It’s About the Battle not the Bottle’, has been replaced with – ‘This year, it’s about the Battle with the Bug’.

Belfast Orangefest 12th July 2020 Logo

County Grand Master, Spencer Beattie said; “2020 will be remembered as the ‘Stay at Home 12th’ since the Orange Institution have cancelled their parades to stop the potential spread of Coronavirus. While I want everyone to have a great day, it is important we all obey the regulations in place at the time.”

County Grand Master, Rt. Wor. Bro. Spencer Beattie & The Lord Mayor of Belfast Rt. Hon Cllr. Frank McCoubrey

The Right Honourable, Lord Mayor of Belfast, Frank McCoubrey was shown the logo for 2020 Belfast Orangefest and briefed about the extensive campaign that Belfast County has arranged. Twelfth related messages, which over recent years have appeared on busses and billboards, have this year been replaced with an online social media campaign. The Lord Mayor commented; ‘It’s great to hear how Belfast Orangefest have adopted their theme to prioritise the health of everyone in the City’, adding, ‘the Twelfth is a great occasion for many of our citizens; I congratulate Spencer and the County on this initiative and want to wish everyone a great, socially distanced, stay at home, Twelfth of July.’

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