Sunday 18 April 2021
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The County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast has offered its fulsome support to the officers and members of No. 9 District Lodge following the decision of the Parades Commission to place restrictions on the annual Whiterock parade this weekend.

A spokesman accused the Commission, under its “illusive” chairperson Anne Henderson, of “perpetuating division through their unaccountable actions”.

He said: “In Belfast they force bands to play a sinister sounding drum beat, where a priest previously said he would prefer hymns, which was agreed by all parties; they also prevent the Unionist community enjoying their culture by banning music in favour of an empty building. While in Whiterock they again reward intransigence by allowing republicans to pull their strings.

“This latest inexplicable determination only expediates the urgent need for fair and equitable parading legislation. The time for a radical approach and new thinking is now.”

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