Sunday 18 April 2021
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Ravenhill Road Volunteers LOL 580 East Belfast

Ravenhill Road Volunteers LOL 580 has been denied permission to parade our new banner along the Ravenhill Road, the locality where we were formed in 1894, and as is the tradition on such occasions. This is an offensive denial of our right to express our religious and cultural identity. It is clear this decision is part of a strategy by the Parades Commission to have future traditional parades in East Belfast re-routed.

This action has caused much anger amongst many within the East Belfast community, as the feelings, views and concerns of the Protestant community are continually ignored by the Commission. Sadly, the Commission seek to use parading legislation to punish the organisers, rather than be independent and fair adjudicators of public possessions – shame on them.

At 2 pm on Saturday 16th November we will unfurl and dedicate our new banner in Ballymacarrett Orange Hall, however we will not dignify the Commissions’ plans by bowing to their threats. Therefore in the interests of reducing community tensions and not falling into the Commissions’ trap we will not hold a parade this Saturday, but will with the support of our community and the wider Orange family ‘fly our banner’ along the Ravenhill Road on a date before 1st July 2020.

We thank all those who have supported us thus far, in our efforts to have this illogical and draconian determination changed, including locally elected representatives, Ballymacarrett No.6 District LOL and the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast.

Note: There will be no further comment from the Lodge.

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