Sunday 18 April 2021
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Sandy Row District L.O.L No 5

Spencer Beattie, the County Master of the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast. It is only a few days before we celebrate King William III’s victory at the Boyne. Many of our traditional events and parades that proceeded the 12th July, were rightly cancelled to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus spreading. 

Sandy Row District like other Districts have missed out on pre 12th celebrations. However, in order to prepare the Brethren of No 5 District to celebrate this ‘12th At Home’, a short video has been compiled of Sandy Row Lodges and bands in previous years. We hope it sets your foot tapping, as you listen to our bands at their best and you recognise many friends on parade. We look forward to next year when we can again celebrate in traditional fashion and parade the streets of our City and march up Sandy Row to the field and back.

Remember this year It’s about the Battle with the Bug.

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